Our Mission

Leveraging advances in cloud hosted applications and "internet of things" technology to enable and ensure a resident care culture that reminds employees and users that our number-one priority is and always will be...a real person. We stand behind our core values and beliefs that all residents at care facilities deserve to be treated with love, kindness, dignity, and respect.

Our Services


Cloud enabled Resident Care Solutions

Enable Resident Care facilities to provide a customizable level of care to their residents. Facilitate an efficient, secure and streamlined way to allow per-system cloud based customizations, enabling facilities in different regions to meet/exceed local and federal government rules and regulations.

Differentiating Technology

Developing technology that not only enables better care for residents but provides the resident care facilities differentiating capabilities to market and attract new residents.

Internet of Things Resident Care Technology

Working with resident care facilities to bring to the market wearable technology that allow autonomous and wireless resident monitoring enabling a higher level of care. Connecting straight to the internet allows monitored events to instantly be shared with those who need it.