Our Mission

Zealacare is focused on restoring dignity to incontinence care through the introduction of wet-sensing technology. Our patented system offers instant notifications when a wet event has occurred, eliminating the guesswork and helping suffering loved ones eliminate many of the negative side-effects of urinary incontinence. We are striving to lead the market with our unique products while allowing family members and patients to regain purpose in their lives.

What do the professionals say..

“We are always looking for better tools to help their lives...They are in desperate need for help...It affects their activity level...The exciting thing about Zealacare wet sensor or diaper pad is that we have early recognition...We can minimize the time...This is really a win win from a medical standpoint”

Peter Fisher, M.D

Board Certified Urologist

Wet Sensor

The uniquely patented sensor easily attaches to your brief. It's reusable and offers great durability and comfort.

Premium Brief

Our premium brief offers comfort and a high level of absorbency, ensuring you remain comfortable throughout your day.

Mobile & Web app

Our technology, combined with our product, offers the most intelligent system to date, ensuring you remain in the know through real time data and instant notifications.
The worry of not knowing is replaced with peace of mind.

Bernadette Mata

"The alerts come in perfect. The residents love it. We are able to get to them right away so they aren't sitting in a dirty diaper long. The
staff love it! It frees up so much time for us."

Kade Huntsman MD

"I have never seen anything like this where this problem
has been tackled in this technological way… I am really hopeful that this is going to change a lot of lives."

Amber Elvey

“I honestly love the briefs... we are able to change people instantly instead of having to sit there and kind of guesstimate every two hour checks... having to wake them up every two hours makes it kind of hard on them to get enough sleep, so being able to go in there and change them right away and not have to wake them up is nice.”

Beehive Assisted Living

Zealacare conducted a beta test of the Zealacare Wet Sensing system in five assisted living facilities, with the purpose of implementing the system in real-use scenarios. The beta test included the use of over 10,000 briefs over the course of several months. Our team was able to enhance the technology and improve the user experience over the course of the test. Feedback from residents, their families, and caregivers was extremely positive.
The alerts come in perfect. The residents love it. We are able to get to them right away so they aren't sitting in a dirty diaper long. The staff love it! It frees up so much time for us.-Bernadette Mata, Beehive Caregiver

Adult Caring for Aging mother in home

"Zealacare came at a perfect time for me while I was caring for my aging mother who was suffering from dementia. The product gave me the peace of mind to know when I had to change her and knew that with the product there wouldn’t be long periods where she would be wet or developing sores. Prior to having the product, we’d either have to check her frequently or would later discover she had been uncomfortable for a while or even that sores were soaking in urine and getting worse. With Zealacare, that problem went away, when we got an alert we could quickly help her stay comfortable and it pretty much eliminated sore development for her. It’s a small thing but it greatly improved her quality of life during that challenging time." - David White, VP at Comcast

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